Maintenance wash 

This procedure consists of a cold water jet wash, 2 bucket soap & sponge, cold water rinse, dry and liquid wax finish. Interior dusted and hoover. Prices start at £60.00

Wash and Polish

This consists of the above plus a hand polish using market leading brand applicators and finishing polishes leaving that wet look finish on your car. Prices start at £85.00

Paint, Engine Bay and Interior Correction

Whether you have a stubborn mark, or your brand new car shows evidence of the orange peel effect, our correction program will achieve the best possible results, 1 - 5 days depending on how in depth you wish to prepare your car, each package is dicussed and tailored to suit your preferences.

Prices Start from £200.00

Other Services

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Body Repair

Ceramic coating

Paint Protection Film

Please enquire within and speak to our sales team. 

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