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Karts: 125cc Rotax Max, Push button start, Tony Kart 401 chassis. Fully upto date race Karts fitted with GPS lap timers, with predictive and split timing.

Tracks: Typically Whilton Mill, Bayford Meadows, Forest Edge & Clay PIgeon. 

Costs: From £695 per day per kart plus Vat & Track Fee - Multiple Karts available. Availability most Tuesdays & Wednesdays

A typical day starts on track at 10am, finishing at 4pm. We aim for open pit lane but some restrictions cause sessions, typically 6 - 10 sessions per day of 10-15 minutes per session. 

Why we use karting for driver training:

Karting is one of the most cost effective way to get on track, available almost every day somewhere in the Uk. Not only does karting improve your car control, the reaction speeds needed are faster than car racing. With no suspension your driver inputs are felt directly underneath you, teaching you discipline, and  accuracy are important to improve lap time. 

Learn to Race:

Overtaking: It Is extremely difficult to learn to overtake in cars on a test day, using karting you can run side by side,  run lead and follows with your dedicated pro driver coach and learn the importance of overtaking safely without making contact. Make mistakes without consequence, learn how to set up a move, where to defend without loosing time and maximise the opportunities when they appear. 

Lap times: Its easy to set a lap time on your own in your comfort zone, but can you repeat it over and over with a rival breathing down your neck behind you, or chasing the car ahead?

Fitness: Kart racing is one of, if not the most physical driving you will ever experience, develop your race fitness at lower cost, you have to opportunity to explore the endurance side of racing. 5 laps or 50 laps..? 

Vision: Many drivers suffer from low vision and not looking through the corners on approach. A simple thing to adjust to, but much harder to maintain. Karting is a cost effective way to practice this, and carry into car racing.  

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